Black Rock Arts Foundation
The Tree of Hope
Haight Ashbury Street Fair
Casa de la Vista
The Library
Oakland Arena

Walnut Creek Ice Rink

The Artisans are getting ready for our 6th year of providing lighting and sound for the annual Walnut Creek on Ice event. We'll install string lighting above the ice, project snow flake gobos in the tent and mount an outdoor sound system that proofed 100% weatherproof. Complete with a turn key audio processing rack that was assembled in our shop by myself, the lighting guy. And here's to all you scoffing sound guys out there: The thing is rock solid and works like a charm. UPDATE: I guess my audio rack wasn't rock solid enough to survive being plugged into a 208 volt line. RIP power conditioner and amplifier. How in the world did you guys get that 30A twist lock into that 220 outlet? Guess there's no such thing as foolproof after all....

Earthdance International

This is a story about one man's vision turning into a truly global event called Earthdance International. We started out with little mini fundraisers and tribal performances in seedy San Francisco clubs and eight years later I watched in awe as 15 000 revelers performed the largest drum circle in history on the grounds of the Hog Farm in Northern California. On that day we entered the Guiness Book of Records, but more important was the fact that the event was synchronized in over 200 locations and 50 countries around the planet and the "Prayer for Peace" encircled the globe and made all of us feel like one nation.


The difference between a rockin' concert that has the crowd go wild and a theatrical production that captivates the audience and brings tears to one's eyes is not big as far as the technical part and the equipment goes. What makes a world of difference is the production itself, the compassion that stands behind every move, the seamless flow of the event and the preparation that goes into it. State-of-the-art equipment, decades of experience and complete dedication to customer service is our proven formula for success. If you want to know more details about the pictures below, click here.

Corporate Events

No matter if it's a corporate meeting, a product launch, a fundraiser or just a plain ol' party to celebrate your success, we will make sure it is a winner! Our experienced staff knows the difference between a quiet and focused meeting and an all-out celebration and will meet both challenges to your and your guests complete satisfaction. If you want to know more details about the pictures below, click here.

Charity Events

We take pride in the fact that we have helped to raise millions of dollars for medical research, school equipment or charity. We know that the main part of a fundraiser is to raise funds for the ones in need and not to fill the pockets of the production team and we will work hard to meet your budget and still deliver the best bang for your buck. If you want to know more details about the pictures below, click here.


We understand this is your Big Day ! Over the years we have provided lighting and sound for countless weddings big or small. Whether it happens in your own backyard or the Grand Ballroom of the S.F. Hilton, we take professional care of you and we will be the one vendor you never have to worry about. Here is a little gallery for your enjoyment and information. If you want to know more details about the pictures below, click here.


Here's a quick review of some of our favorite clients:

~ National Resource Defense Council
~ Fisher Investments
~ Plantronics
~ Applied Materials
~ De Silva Gates
~ 100 Black Men of Silicon Valley
~ The Black Expo
~ The Robb Report
~ Masters of Food and Wine
~ The Livermore Winegrowers Foundation
~ The American Cancer Society
~ The Lymphoma and Leukemia Society
~ Earthdance International
~ High Sierra Music Festival
~ Power Integrations
~ Carnelian Room SF
~ iTunes
~ Conservatory of Music S.F.



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About Us


The Artisan Production Group was founded and established by a group of seasoned lighting and sound veterans in need of a new challenge. We all had worked for big production companies at various times in our lives and we all agreed it was time to drop out of the rat race and put the art back into Artisan.

First we strayed off the beaten path and then we laid down the golden rule: To provide highly personalized customer service and obsession with perfection in detail even if that means turning down another job. Then we went on to work by that rule.

We consider ourselves a small but exclusive production house and our team combines decades of theatrical, corporate and rock' n roll experience to make your event smooth, worry-free and simply spectacular.