Black Rock Arts Foundation
The Tree of Hope
Haight Ashbury Street Fair
Casa de la Vista
The Library
Oakland Arena

Black Rock Arts Foundation

An enchanted evening at the old Bentley Reserve in Downtown San Francisco is evoking the spirit of the Playa and also raising some serious funds for the good cause. Beautiful people in awe-inspiring costumes are having a wonderful time and then come 3:00 AM they all disappear and we're stuck with the early morning breakdown and load-out.

Black Rock Arts Foundation 2009

Black Rock Arts Foundation 2010

A Designers Halloween

What's the LD to do when it's Halloween and he gets to stay home? Go grab the ColorBlast LED's and the GAM F/X and some crazy gobos and presto, here's a treat for the neighborhood kids. It was a riot, it felt like our house was besieged by mini-monsters and we were clean out of candy in less than an hour.

The Empty Bay Bridge

All Hallow's Night and we had to deliver a generator to power an event on Treasure Island. The Bay Bridge was closed due to a broken fix and there was nobody there... our driver did a little jig across 5 lanes and took these incredible shots. Pretty scary and fit for the occasion.

Laotian New Year's

A gorgeous setting, a perfectly sunny day in San Francisco and thousands of Laotians celebrating their first annual New Year's in S.F. The Artisans brought in stage, sunroof, power and the mighty McCauley rig and the day ended up a great event for the unanticipated huge crowd.

TAM 100

The occasion: The 100th birthday of Mount Tamalpais High School in Marin. We provided staging, sound, backline, power and power distribution, decor lighting, safety lighting and the know-how to put a 100x180' tent on dimmers. And cheers, since the event went without a single glitch.

Bollywood at the Oakland Arena

Artisan PG and the local Union boys created quite an impressive setup for this concert featuring an East Indian star. The In-house crew had obviously never encountered Chain Master chain hoists, the fastest motors in the industry. Made in Germany and legendary for their Vari-lift they drew Wows and "damn, these things are fast" galore!

Treasure Island-again

The old Library on Treasure Island. No fantastic view, so we had to work harder on the Wow-effect. No electrical power anywhere in this building, that's when we switch to LED's known for their near-zero power consumption.

Treasure Island

A memorable wedding at Casa de la Vista on Treasure Island. I guess it's time for me to shut up and let the captured moment speak for itself....

The Haight Street Fair

My old Buddy Terry from Renegade Productions got overwhelmed with shows one weekend and asked me to take one load off his shoulders: The 31st annual Haight Street Fair in San Francisco. Our McCauley 422/455 rig rose to the challenge and the show went without a glitch and sounded awesome! It also gave me a chance to test out that new bi-amplified monitor amp rack I finished a couple of days before the event- NICE!

Amy Grant and the Vari-Lites

Amy Grant's Lead Me On tour stopped briefly in the public park in San Martin, CA. Her LD was thrilled at the sight of 6 Vari-Lite VL 3000 spots and 6 VL 3500 washes in his rig. Guess he didn't expect such a treat in such a small town.... Awesome show, cheers to the LD.

Ann And Nathan

Got married at the San Jose Hyatt and created one of the most beautiful dance floor monograms I've ever seen.